Friday, February 6, 2009

New Year, New Blog....

OK, so 2009 is not exactly "new" anymore, but this is a new blog, and all my creativity is going to my projects instead of blog titles, so let's just get to the fun stuff....

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, since it just seems like the thing to do in my circle these days. But, since this page has "Bug's Hugs" as the title, I think for now, I am probably just going to concentrate on posting things about my sewing adventures, rather than try to keep up with all the family happenings, although I may throw a few of those in just to write it down somewhere....maybe I can keep up with a blog better than a random piece of paper I was supposed to stick in that blank baby book.... Back to Bug's Hugs, though. I won't lie, I will flat out admit that I hope this blog will drive more internet traffic to my Etsy site, but at the same time, maybe it will also motivate me to keep coming up with more ideas, different types of things to sew, so I can have more to share (and sell on Etsy).

Let's see, I guess I will start with the same 2 projects I just posted on facebook this week, so all of my facebook friends will complain that they have already seen these pics.

My most recent project was a little apron dress for a friend's daughter. This friend called me up one morning and asked me out of the blue if I could make an apron dress. I hardly ever turn down a challenge, so of course I said yes! After we narrowed down what it was really going to look like (I really like these knots used for the shoulder straps, but I must admit we saw it elsewhere- I didn't come up with that myself) and she even brought me the Michael Miller fabric she wanted me to use, I sat down one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago and knocked it out almost completely in one (long) sitting. I didn't have a pattern to go by other than pieces of some vintage patterns my mother had lying around the house when she used to make my dresses. So, after I drew out my pattern, I cut right into that pretty fabric. Once I got started, I just kept going. I got to the point where I needed to try it on her to see if it was going to work, so I just stopped for the evening. Well, for various reasons, the project went to the back burner, so to speak, but I finally finished it Tuesday night.

There's even a cute little birdie applique on the apron!

Well, I am tired of waiting for pics to upload (my browser has crashed on me a couple of times already - don't know why Firefox is doing that lately) and I need to close this anyway, as I need to get ready to go to girls' night out and I'm hearing requests from the peanut gallery for yet another showing of the illustrious Thomas the Tank Engine. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow to show you pics of that butterfly baby blanket I made last week, and then after that, I should get busy and actually sew something again so you can see something current!