Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Usually around the end of summer, we start talking about Halloween costumes. That's also about the time of my husband's birthday. (side note: my oldest son LOVES to plan parties of all types, so everybody (Mama, Daddy, grandparents.....) gets a "theme" party, no matter how old or young. This year, my husband's party was themed "Batman meets Scooby Doo". Thus, about the same time, my oldest son decided on Batman as his Halloween costume, and he also decided that his little brother had to be his sidekick, Robin. (We like matchy costumes around here- 2007 Lion and Lamb, 2008 Penguin and Polar Bear, 2009 Batman and Robin)

Anyway, I bought Batman t-shirts for both boys at Target for the Batman party, and I had made the Batman cape last year when my nephew was into Batman (and picked up the Bat-mask at Wal-mart somewhere along the way), so all I had to do for this costume was make a yellow belt and construct some gray pants to match the shirt. Do you know how hard it is to find plain pants for little boys?!?! Especially in this small town.... Anyway, I went to Roses (a discount store chain, but not sure how wide-reaching it is) and I bought a 3XL men's T-shirt in almost the same shade of gray to cut up into a 5T boy's pajama pants.

Robin's costume was a little more involved, meaning I had to start basically from scratch. He is almost 2.5 yrs old, but he only wears 18-24 mo clothes, so I was lucky to find a plain red onesie at Roses, although it was a turtleneck. I also found a green Land's End T-shirt (men's Small, also at Roses) that I used to make Robin's pants and sleeves, so they are super soft! For the cape, I had a remnant of yellow satin that just happened to be the right shade, and I just used the pattern from the Batman cape and a collar from one of his everyday polo type shirts. It turned out very well if I do say so myself! I finished up the last touches with just hours to spare - the belt and the "R" monogram patch.

But, since I had a few hours to spare, I decided to get crackin' on those Scooby Doo PJs I had promised ever since we bought a piece of SD fabric to use at their Daddy's birthday party. So that was their treat that they received when they rang my doorbell, supposedly for a photo op.

I also threw in a Ty Scooby beanie and some Mickey crayons and coloring book, and of course, self-charging flashlight that requires no batteries! Here they are all packaged up in Halloween treat bags, that I never got listed on Etsy....

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