Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last week, Ayden pulled out his dinosaur that I made for him before Spencer was around. Poor little Spencer, he saw it and he came up to me with the most pitiful look on his face and the saddest sounding voice, "I don't have dinosaur....You need to make me green dinosaur" Well, who could ignore a special request like that?!?

So, I had to find some green material that a) I didn't mind looking at since Dinosaur will probably be accompanying us everywhere we go for a while and b) doesn't look too Christmas-y because that is about all the green I have, since it is probably one of my least favorite colors....yet my children love it....hmmm... I ended up pulling a green t-shirt out of the scrap box and I found some rainbow-ish blanket binding to make the "plates" out of. (My oldest son Ayden corrected me when I said spikes ;p smarty pants... )

Here is Spencer with Dinosaur - we tried to get him to name him something else, but he insists Dinosaur is his name ;)

I think Dinosaur turned out pretty cute...for a dinosaur...

(not very good pics, but maybe you can get the idea)

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